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Rhodes X275 nitrous pass in 4.40’s!

Rhodes X275 nitrous pass in 4.40’s!

Here’s an article from the guys over @ about our first 4.496 Nitrous pass in 2015…

Induction Solutions Powers Rhodes To First X275 Nitrous Pass In The 4.40’s!

“It’s no secret in the world of X275 that Ron Rhodes is always a contender whenever he and his little red Camaro roll through the gates. The gorgeous first gen F-Body looks like it’s coming for your throat just sitting still, but when Rhodes fires up the 460″ BES-built small block, you know something wicked is about to be unleashed. Last weekend at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion in Memphis, Rhodes became the first nitrous-powered X275 car to eclipse the 4.50 barrier when he laid down a 4.496!”

You can read the rest of the article here:

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